From a basic to an advanced perspective

Kubernetes: from a basic to an advanced perspective
Kubernetes: from a basic to an advanced perspective

The leading-platform for containers orchestration

This article assumes that you have some experience with bare-metal, virtualization terminology and microservices.

We will start from zero knowledge about the container-world, describing the beginning of the era to understand what drove the need for containers, the first solutions to manage container-centric infrastructure, to finally talk about Kubernetes and advanced usage like Self-Healing, Autoscale and Limits.

A new tech era


First, let’s talk about terminology. One of the first quirks in containers and containers orchestration you will face is the new vocabulary. …

IG1 is taking on the issues related to cloud hybridization and the solutions to meet these technical challenges: find out more information on our ebook.

Cloud Infra Cafe 3.0 by StorPool Storage: here is the presentation of Jean-Philippe Foures from IG1:

  • IaaS
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Kubernetes Managed Services

Timeseries, Long Term Storage, Multi tenancy & High Availability

This article is a retrospective of several months of continuous improvement since the creation of our current monitoring system: what challenges did we face, how we overcame them and how we finally switched to Victoria Metrics.

How it started

At Iguane Solutions we have created a multi-tenant system based on Prometheus for our alerting and metrology needs: Sismology. It began as a project to replace our monolithic Naemon and Graphite (with collectd) by a unique system merging metrology and alerting based on the current standard: Prometheus.

While Prometheus gave us a nice metrology and…

Cloud Infra Cafe 3.0 by StorPool is scheduled for May 28th, 5PM CET!

Join Cloud Infra Cafe 3.0 and chat with industry peers!

SaaS, IaaS, PaaS or just … XaaS. Anything as a service. The demand for IT services is emerging and more business have to take the solution whether to develop internal expertise on specific solution/product or to use it as XaaS.

XaaS emerges as new IT operating model, but which use cases are growing now and have the most potential? How to build a reliable “as a service solution” and how to measure ROI effectively? Which services experience increased demand?

Jean-Philippe Fourès, IaaS Team Leader at Iguane Solutions will talk about IaaS , which will be a standard in the next few years, PaaS with Managed Kubernetes and also about Hybrid Cloud.

Register to the free webinar now :

Discover how Molotov, which has been broadcasting television on all French digital devices since 2016, spent three years designing an infrastructure that permanently encodes 170 channels in 30 formats in collaboration with Iguana Solutions USA:

A French article about Molotov:

Comment Molotov a bâti un datacenter qui ne tombe pas en panne

@iguanesolutions a lot of our “DevOps” tools are developed in Golang, and we have a good amount of experience in contributing to the Goca. I’ll review just what contributions we make, as well as how we use Goca with different tools, on a daily basis, to manage and monitor our OpenNebula cloud.

I will delve into the concept of Infrastructure as Code — deployment of VM instances on cloud, as well as, also address the metrics collection of deployed VMs. Finally, I will present how we can abstract VM management with automation tools thanks to GOCA.


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